John M. Armleder, ‘(really) NOTHING’, 2017, World House Editions
John M. Armleder, ‘(really) NOTHING’, 2017, World House Editions
John M. Armleder, ‘(really) NOTHING’, 2017, World House Editions

Multiple object – hand-made Lipped Clamshell portfolio box covered in black Brillianta linen with silver foil stamping, the box containing nothing, each signed and numbered in white oil pencil on the white justification sheet which has been inserted to the underside of the box lid, executed in an edition of only 20 examples (there are also 2 numbered Artist’s Proofs, 2 numbered Hors Commerce proofs and 1 annotated proof for the Cabinet d’arts graphiques, Geneva), the colophon/justification sheet hand-printed by Brad Ewing in Letterpress, inkless, on 250gsm white Somerset paper with Caslon typeface at The Grenfell Press, New York, each box fabricated by Portfoliobox, Warren, Rhode Island, the project conceived by John Armleder and published by World House Editions, Middlebury, Connecticut, in fine condition.

Signature: Signed and numbered in white oil pencil

Image rights: Copyright World House Editions and John Armleder

Publisher: World House Editions, Middleury, Connecticut

About John M. Armleder

Performance artist, sculptor, and painter John M. Armleder draws from what he calls a "supermarket of forms." His art can take on attributes of Suprematist painting, Minimalist sculpture, Dada readymades, or, in the case of his wall paintings, actual wallpaper (turning Sol LeWitt’s ideology on its head while referencing Francis Picabia's dots or Surrealism's lobsters). Affiliated with Fluxus in the 1960s and ‘70s, Armleder was also associated with Neo-Geo (short for Neo-Geometric Conceptualism) in the 1980s for his furniture sculptures, conflating art and the design object. His works explore decor as the inevitable devolution of cultural expressions into background elements.

Swiss, b. 1948, Geneva, Switzerland

Solo Shows

St. Moritz,
St. Moritz,
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St. Moritz,
You have everything to learn, everything that can not be learned,
Vienna, Austria,
Little Nemo curated by_Max Hollein
Berlinische Galerien - Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur, 
Berlin, Germany,
Berlin 89/90 – Kunst zwischen Spurensuche und Utopie
Contemporary Arts Center, 
Cincinnati, OH, United States,
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