John M. Miller, ‘Untitled (A003)’, Peter Blake Gallery

About John M. Miller

In the early 1970s, celebrated artist John M. Miller abandoned figurative painting and stripped art down to its essence, which, for him, took the form of angled, colored bars repeated across the picture plane. He has been painting these bars—in shades of white, black, blue, violet, red, yellow, and green acrylic on unprimed canvases, ranging in scale from intimate to encompassing—for more than 40 years. Meticulous and meditative, his compositions have been variously categorized as Op Art and Geometric Abstraction, and compared to the works of Agnes Martin and Brice Marden. Miller’s works require and reward viewers’ slow attention, which allows the eye to perceive a sense of rhythmic movement in the interplay of the bars, and the mind to open to their various associations—to weaving, stitching, or a freshly raked Zen rock garden.

American , 1939-2016, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, based in Los Angeles, California