John Metoyer, ‘Africa’, Kitano Alley Gallery

His strange, deeply moving, often terrifying yet beautiful photographs come from a unique, magically real world of his own making, a world that can both comfort and disturb. His poetry has a similar universality about it, and ranges from poems on the African-American experience to what he ironically call’s “love’s post mortem changes.” As John Wood writes in his introduction: “John Metoyer is one of the great photographic geniuses of our time and one of those exceptionally rare artists of the last few centuries who can genuinely be considered a master of more than one art–in his case, photography and poetry….This book celebrates his work in both arts, two arts which for Metoyer are completely separate and have nothing in common but their creator. His photographs do not illustrate his poems nor is his poetry a commentary on his photography. They are merely separate manifestations of a similar genius.”

About John Metoyer

b. 1966, Chicago, IL, United States, based in Chicago, IL, United States

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