John Moore, ‘Red’, 2014, Locks Gallery

About John Moore

Drawing his subjects from the visible world, John Moore paints the “stuff” of everyday life, incorporating still-life arrangements, urban landscapes, and architectural motifs into his formally constructed compositions. His unique brand of realism is infused with artifice, juxtaposing that which he directly observes with things remembered or imagined to reveal multiple layers of time, space, and experience. By adding fictional elements to his urban spaces—such as a spilled glass of water—or adopting perspectives impossible to paint from, Moore imbues his quiet scenes with narrative. In his series “Thirteen Miles from Paradise” (2009), Moore captured the decaying steel mills and cast iron bridges in the declining factory town of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, in a collection of epic composites.

American, b. 1941, St. Louis, Missouri

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New York,
John Moore: Portals

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From Dusk Till Dawn

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Hirschl & Adler Modern at Art Southampton 2015
Hirschl & Adler Modern at The Armory Show 2013