John Newman, ‘"North and South" print accompanying The Little of Our Earthly Trust’, 2016, Arion Press

The first 30 copies of The Little of our Earthly Trust, selected poems of Elizabeth Bishop with prints by John Newman may be purchased with the larger print "North and South". The print must be purchased with the book (book price included).

Signature: All books and prints are signed by John Newman

Publisher: Arion Press

About John Newman

Inspired by travels to Japan, Africa, and especially India, John Newman’s small and colorful abstract sculptures conjure images of fantastical sea creatures and shells with traces of assemblage, ceramics, and even jewelry. The wide range of materials the works encompass, from glass to tulle to stones, lends them a coarse texture, while their witty titles imbue a sense of playfulness. Newman is known for marrying elements of contemporary art with classical traditions and emotional content, a style born out of musings prompted by his mother’s death. “How can I make something that can bridge both the intellectually engaged formal rigor,” he asks, “and my desire to embrace and elicit an emotion without irony or without merely depending upon art historical precedence, to tackle something that [is] real?”

American, b. 1952, Flushing, New York, based in New York, New York