John Peart, ‘(Untitled - Pink)’, 1967, Charles Nodrum Gallery

John Peart, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1967
Note: Whilst we have the titles from the 1967 Watters show (recorded at the time by John Stringer), sadly, we can’t match these to the individual works. However, the titles do give a glimpse of his intentions:
Fold Point, Turn Sharp, Sharp Shoot, Shoot Sharp, Fold Sharp, Shoot Point, Turn Shoot
‘Fold’ suggests overlapping forms, whereas ‘turn’ suggests a centrifugal movement branching (or shooting) out from the centre. There are hints to rotary motion in these works: the Y shape is common to most but the word itself suggests varying the dynamics by varying the orientation - the search being, I surmise, to explore the experiential possibilities within a very tight vocabulary of form. On this score they have a quite different aesthetic effect to the square, minimal, off-white paintings of 1968 where the eye is held still in the centre by the almost faintly pulsating edges: gymnastics vs meditation; stillness vs movement.

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