John Stango, ‘Presidential Portrait: Lincoln ’, 2016, Artist's Proof

Inspired by the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Stango has created a collection highlighting notable presidents, iconic political characters, and all things Americana. Named after the gap-toothed, goofy faced kid, Alfred E. Neuman, Stango honors an iconic character of American history and journalism. Making his official debut in 1956 on the cover of MAD Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman appeared as a write-in candidate alongside the iconic phrase, “you could do worse, you always have!”. Al Feldstein, the second editor of MAD, described the character of Alfred E. Neuman as someone with this “devil-may-care attitude, but who could maintain a sense of humor while the world was collapsing around him”.

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About John Stango

American, b. 1958, Philadelphia, PA, United States, based in Philadelphia, PA, United States