John Stark, ‘Workers Hammer’, 2016, Charlie Smith London

Workers Hammer is a collaborative artwork made by John Stark X Rebecca & Mike

About John Stark

The art of beekeeping takes on the gravity of an ancient religious sect in John Stark's precise oil paintings on canvas. In works from the “Apiculture” series, brightly colored bee boxes organize the surrounding landscapes, their precision and saturated hues standing out amid less geometric forms such as rock faces and grassy fields. Tenders in cloaks, masks, and robes ceremoniously inspect frames smeared with bees and honey. Stark describes painting as a ritual for him, one that involves using painterly technique to transform pigments into compositions that “open up various mimetic spaces for contemplation.” Discussing his preferred subject matter, he says, “I like to think of the painterly process as akin with the work of the bees who transform their pollen into honey.”

British, b. 1979, London, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom