John Vanderpant, ‘Untitled (house and beams)’, ca. 1930, Stephen Bulger Gallery

Signature: Signed, in pencil, au mount recto

About John Vanderpant

An important figure in Modernist photography, photojournalist John Vanderpant worked in a variety of styles over his career, perhaps most famously his photo-abstractions based on nature and architecture. After emigrating from Holland to Canada with his wife in 1911, Vanderpant became an important player in Vancouver’s avant-garde scene. He explored the soft-focus Pictorialist approach that was popular among artistic photographers of the day, but later became interested in “straight” photography, producing images of the manmade landscape of a rapidly industrializing North American continent (creating over 900 images of the Canadian countryside for the Canadian Pacific Railway). Like many of his generation, Vanderpant was concerned with elevating photography to the status of the fine arts like painting—a transition in which he played an important role.

Canadian, b. Netherlands, 1884-1939, Alkmaar, Netherlands, based in Vancouver, Canada