John Way 魏樂唐, ‘Untitled '84 (II) 無題1984 之二’, Alisan Fine Arts

About John Way 魏樂唐

John Way (Wei Letang) studied art in China before immigrating to Boston in 1956, where he furthered his arts education with instruction in design at MIT. Way’s work is inspired by both classic Chinese calligraphy and Abstract Expressionist painting. His late work is characterized by brushy, bold black marks applied over a background of two or three colors. Paintings such as Untitled ’93 I (1993) and Untitled ’81 II (1981), with their direct and absolute black strokes set against drippy background textures, are similar to the large gestural works of painters like Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline.

Chinese, 1921-2012, Shanghai, China