Joianne Bittle, ‘Crinoid (Indiana) and Crinoid (West Texas) sections of Back to the Drawing Board Fossil Matrix Wall’, 2014, Proto Gallery

About Joianne Bittle

Joianne Bittle’s paintings, installations, and films are visions simultaneously prehistoric and post-apocalyptic, inspired by natural history and geology. Bittle, who once worked as a dioramist for the American Museum of Natural History, observed that viewers “get emotional about [dioramas]. It has something to do with making the real non-real.” While her works are based on observation and research, the flora and fauna appear fantastical and are sometimes exaggeratedly personified. Frequently recurring protagonists in Bittle’s work include jackrabbits, primates, various plants, and astronauts, whom she considers pioneers of new worlds. Her installations employ animal specimens, fossils, and found objects, in addition to liquid plastic, resin, and pigments.

American, b. 1975, Indiana, based in New York, New York

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