Jon Schueler, ‘Reflection: Passion and Blue (o/c 704)’, 1976, Berry Campbell Gallery

About Jon Schueler

A second-generation Abstract Expressionist, Jon Schueler became known for colorful, non-representational paintings in the 1950s, as exemplified by Umber on Orange and Red (1951), an explosion of richly hued gestural brushstrokes. Later, however, a small fishing village in Scotland where he rented a house would inspire him to turn to pastoral paintings, while maintaining his painterly style. In these, Schueler’s wonder at the “brooding, storm-ridden sky” is evident, as the heavens became the focal point of many paintings. For instance, the golden-hued sky in Driven by the Storm (1989) characteristically exudes a sense of motion and conveys nature’s unpredictability. “I’m painting the dream of nature, not nature itself,” he says, explaining his joyful-yet-turbulent canvases that probe memory and psychology as well as natural phenomena.

American, 1916-1992, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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