Jonas “SUN7” Bournat, ‘Power of Words’, 2013, Catherine Ahnell Gallery

Made for Solo Exhibition OVER-EXPOSED,
Catherine Ahnell Gallery,
NY 2013

About Jonas “SUN7” Bournat

Though Jonas “SUN7” Bournat has worked primarily on canvas for the past decade, he likes to say that his sensibilities “came from graffiti.” Influenced by New York graffiti culture in the 1990s, Bournat began as a street artist, but then gradually shifted toward multi-media painting using found elements on the street—such as signage and metal plaques. Bournat’s practice draws from a myriad of influences including street art, calligraphic techniques, action painting, and tattoo design. Text is a mainstay in his compositions, though words are not necessarily legible. Bournat is still widely known by his graffiti tag “SUN7”—read in French as sun-sept, a pun for “sunset”—and has said he will consider using his given name as an artist when he is “old and serious.”

French, b. 1977

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