Jone Kvie, ‘Epic’, 2016, Nils Stærk

As a sculptural artist Jone Kvie is engaged in material specificity, utilizing the traditional
sculpting material marble and bronze as well as the more modern materials steel, and
aluminum in combination with contemporary mutant materials. The artist is engaged in both
the physical nature and characteristics of the materials, and also the psychological
connotations of the materials and forms and how they affect our relationship with the objects
we experience and the environments we inhabit. Kvie relates strongly to the development of
sculptural agendas in art - historical as well as contemporary - and strives to extend the field
through pushing it outward to the edge where the sculptures dissolve or are contracted to a
closed unit that almost implodes.
The visual and sculptural motifs in the works of Jone Kvie often reflect phenomena and form
in nature, from stalactite caves to drifting ice blocks, whirlpools, mountain landscapes and
meteors. As you experience the sculptures, the more specific references extend and lead
quickly outward to abstract notions, and thus become a transformation of the reference as
well as of the form

About Jone Kvie