An extensive mountainous landscape with figures on a path, a river valley beyond

This lot is accompanied by a copy of a certificate from Dr. Klaus Ertz (dated 10 March 2000) confirming the attribution to Joos de Momper II and stating that the figures are painted by Jan Breughel I.

Genoa, 1947, no. 31, as 'Frans de Momper'.

K. Ertz, Josse de Momper der Jüngerer, Freren, 1986, pp. 160 and 540, no. 256, fig. 152, as 'Josse de Momper II and Jan Breughel I'.


Private collection, Genoa, Italy.

With Galleria Caretto, Turin, by 1986.

About Joos de Momper II and Jan Breughel II

Flemish, 1564 - 1635, and 1601 - 1678, Antwerp, Belgium, based in Antwerp, Belgium