Jordan Tate, ‘New Work #42’, Aperture Foundation

About Jordan Tate

Through images of other images and pictures of televisions and computer screens, photographer Jordan Tate explores the mediated ways in which we see and experience the world today. In the vein of Christopher Williams and James Welling, Tate focuses his practice on the processes of making and disseminating images, whether capturing Photoshop tools, browser windows, and iPhone screens, or using non-traditional output methods like animated GIFs, 3D anaglyphs, and lenticular screens. Eschewing a single style, Tate’s work explores the shifting role of photography in the concurrent evolution of art and technology.

American , b. 1981, Louisville, KY, United States, based in Cincinnati, OH, United States

Solo Shows

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New York,
Jordan Tate: Working From Photographs
New York,
Jordan Tate: Gamut Warning

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The City & The City