Jorge Méndez Blake, ‘Desmantelando a Gorostiza (Notas sobre poesía. El viaje inmóvil)/ Dismantling Gorostiza (Notas sobre poesía. El Viaje Inmóvil)’, 2017, Galería OMR

Image rights: In Desmantelando a Gorostiza Méndez Blake deconstructs the material of language of Mexican poet José Gorostiza, and reconstitutes them in the form of an imposing wall of text. In Gorostiza´s work Notas sobre poesía from 1954 the poet investigates the function of poetry and the role of the poet. His text does not try to give answers to what ideal poetry is but is rather an assemblage of notes and ideas on the poetic phenomenon. Méndez Blake applies precise methods in which the new texts are “written” using existing characters, letters and words. “For me to dissect a text and produce something different with it is a reading-writing process.” Throughout Méndez Blake’s new painting, drawing and sculpture he continues to look at the interrelation between art, literature, architecture and the notion of “dismantling of language.

About Jorge Méndez Blake

Jorge Méndez Blake draws connections between literature and the visual arts through assemblage, drawing, and environmental interventions. “I think I tend toward the quotation, rather than toward the creation of new writing,” he says. “I prefer to be quoting others constantly.” He manipulates classic literature by drawing it into the gallery space, assembling pages and quotation into installations, or “canceling” texts by physically entombing them in large wooden boxes. Blake also forms textual chains with works that link the literature of travel and pilgrimage with photographs taken on his travels.

Mexican, b. 1974, Guadalajara, Mexico, based in Guadalajara, Mexico