Jorge Miño, ‘La Logica de las Formas #4  - Series ’, 2015, Dot Fiftyone Gallery

About Jorge Miño

Jorge Miño focuses on architecture and manmade places, capturing interiors, exteriors, and particular urban landscapes in abstract color and black-and-white photographs. He takes hundreds of photographs in each of the cities he visits, later culling through them to find those that are least descriptive or straightforward. He looks instead for shots whose framing emphasizes volumes, shapes, surfaces, textures, light, and shadow. In his “Crosslines” series, for example, he concentrates on staircases and highway overpasses. Using such photographic techniques as blurring, double exposure, and color alteration and printing on thick, fibrous fine art paper, he transforms these utilitarian passageways into harmonious arrangements of geometric shapes. Miño aims to approach all of his subjects with a fresh eye, “almost as a new engineer who knows nothing of structures,” he says.

Argentine, b. 1973, Corrientes, Argentina