Jorge Peris, ‘Ejercicio’, 1997-2011, SPROVIERI

About Jorge Peris

Concerned with the dynamics and possibilities of space, Jorge Peris’s work uses architectural strategies to upend the conventions of the museum and gallery. In works that are often site-specific, the Spanish artist transforms walls, floors, and ceiling, creating through processes of addition and subtraction. For example, he will introduce materials such as bacteria to overcome the support architecture and envelop the space in organic matter. In a 2007 installation, Peris stripped away drywall and other finishing features to reveal the interior of the walls. The exhibition becomes both a construction site with an overwhelming scent and an investigation of the conventions of architecture and display. Describing the installation, curator Cecilia Alemani wrote, “By working with subtraction, Peris emphasizes the simplicity of the space by inverting it: No longer merely functioning as support for art, the space becomes art itself.”

Spanish, b. 1969, Alzira, Spain, based in El Palmar, Spain

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