Jorinde Voigt, ‘Beobachtungen im Jetzt (19)’, 2015, David Nolan Gallery

About Jorinde Voigt

Jorinde Voigt creates large-scale graphite drawings, incorporating text and collaged elements to create sweeping and energetic yet, however cryptically, ordered compositions. Voigt’s working method is an attempt to make objective sense of the world, to translate sound, movement, time, form, perception, and science into a single representational scheme. “Drawing allows me to develop maps to many constellations, across many possibilities,” she says. Her works, like Piece for Words and Views XXIX (2012), read like complex codes or lyrical infographics, with seemingly idiosyncratic representations—a dress, a lyre, a hand—mixed with abstract forms and jotted lists, all linked and activated by an expressive flow of lines that recall musical staffs, topographical lines, or electrical circuitry. “My work is like music,” Voigt says. “You can enjoy it without being able to read the score.”

German, b. 1977, Frankfurt, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany