Joris Van de Moortel, ‘Narrations that drip out of these two (or more) elements fighting each other’, 2015, Galerie Nathalie Obadia

About Joris Van de Moortel

Musician and artist Joris van de Moortel creates process-driven works with continuously changing components. He often incorporates musical elements: the piece Hit the Snare, Don’t you Dare (2008) is an encased drum set, and The Shortest Song Goes On and On (2011) was, in part, a musical performance. Van de Moortel describes his works as relics and seizes any opportunity to create new meaning from materials originally intended for other purposes. In the 2010 exhibition “Like a Hurricane (you are like),” van de Moortel explored the idea of planned chaos, re-exhibiting several of his pieces to look as if they had been wrecked by a hurricane. “After an exhibition and sometimes during it, I destroy, burn or run a bulldo¬zer over the work to then recycle the rubble into new works,” he has said. “Undoing becomes part of doing.”

Belgian, b. 1983, Oostakker, Belgium, based in Antwerp, Belgium