José Heerkens, ‘L19. Voyage des Couleurs’, 2011, IdeelArt
José Heerkens, ‘L19. Voyage des Couleurs’, 2011, IdeelArt

This work is about balance and connection between colours and the pure linen, rhythm and measurements.

About José Heerkens

In each of her minimalist abstract paintings and drawings, José Heerkens carefully lays down nuanced hues that subtly contrast with their white or raw linen backgrounds. “In every painting I search for the balancing dialogue between a line and the movement of color,” she says. The colors fall within meticulously delineated grid systems, though each set of colors does not always follow the same system; the lines seem to push and pull on one another. Heerkens explains that the vertical lines provide structure while the horizontal lines orient the compositions outward, emphasizing both the contained physicality of the painting and the imagined continuation of the lines beyond the canvas.

Dutch, b. 1950, based in Zeeland, Netherlands

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