José Luis Bustamante, ‘Landscape of the Sun Gods XV’, 2012, Bustamante NYC Art Gallery

This piece is part of a beautiful collection which includes twenty oil paintings, with silver/gold leaf on canvas. The astonishing light that this world-renowned artist has captured shows throughout each piece of this spectacular, critically acclaimed collection. This is the first created work of this famous collection, especifically and individually called "Escrituras del Sol I" (Sun writtings). Jose Luis Bustamante has been called “The Master of Light”.

Signature: Bustamante 2012

Exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum in Merida, Mexico, Oscar Roman Gallery in 2012, the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City in September 2016 and at the National Arts Club in Manhattan NY in October 2016. This piece is part of the Collection Paisaje de los Dioses del Sol. (Landscape of the Sun Gods) – Exclusively offered for sale in the USA.


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