José Patrício, ‘Obra cega’, 2014, Galeria Nara Roesler

About José Patrício

Rooted in Constructivism, José Patrício’s serial geometric compositions bridge painting and installation, using readymade objects to create patterns of color and form. Many of his mosaic-like works are made from dominos, which he arranges side by side according to the color of their dots, rather than to their numerical value, as the rules of the game would dictate. In Ars Combinatoria (2005), Patricio carpeted the floor of an abbey in France with dominoes intricately arranged to form a seemingly endless variety of square patterns in vibrant shades of emerald and ocher. The work represents Patricio’s attempt, according to the critic Moacir dos Anjos, “to reconcile the rigor of repetitive and regular form with the randomness that, to a large degree, governs the world.”

Brazilian, b. 1960, Recife, Brazil