Joseph Nechvatal, ‘viral attaque transmissioN’, 1993, Galerie Richard

This is the major work from 1993 with the largest size. The added vertical line is specific to Nechvatal's visual vocabulary which compensates the spontaneous order by the virus. The Computer Virus Project's initial goal was to produce physical paintings using algorithms that implement a "viral" mode...

Signature: on the back as well as the title and year hand written by the artist

FRAC Franche-Comté, Fondation Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Sept.10 - Nov.1st, 1993
Saline Royale d'Arc-et-Senans, 1993, Galerie Yvonamor Palix, 1994

Joseph Nechvatal, FRAC Franche-Comté, Fondation Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, 1993
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About Joseph Nechvatal

American, b. 1951, Chicago, IL, United States, based in Paris, France