Josh Tonsfeldt, ‘Untitled’, 2015, Galleria Raucci / Santamaria

About Josh Tonsfeldt

In mixed-media works ranging from installation and sculpture to prints and video, Josh Tonsfeldt explores the narratives and memories embedded in place, typically producing site-specific projects that engage the histories associated with a gallery or exhibition space. For his 2008 exhibition at Simon Preston, “Physician’s Horse Vanishes”, Tonsfeldt researched the gallery’s address and found a 1906 article about a then-resident physician and his horse, which had gone missing one night while the doctor was on call; the exhibition consisted of a video shot inside a barn, a series of photos of horses that Tonsfeldt captured, for which he used a computer program to read out randomized instructions to determine his movement around the horses and the position of his camera, as well as other works loosely related to this history. Other works have included cement slabs adorned with real, spray-painted spider webs.

American, b. 1979, Independence, Missouri, based in Brooklyn, New York