Joshua Citarella, ‘Fashion Painting VIII’, 2016, 315 Gallery

About Joshua Citarella

“I’m definitely an advocate for revising photographic vocabulary,” says Joshua Citarella. He doesn’t just mean clarifying the oversimplification of words like “Photoshopped;” through his photographic, sculptural, and installation pieces, Citarella works to redefine the visual vocabulary of photography as well. The self-referential optical illusions he employs across his practice ensure that none of his works is quite what it seems. In Edge and Center (2013), a hand covered in silver powder holds a red bar that matches the red frame enclosing the image, and both bar and frame have matching silver smudges. Like a Photoshop workspace with too many files open, Citarella’s layered images and messages highlight the opaque nature of communications media.

American, b. 1987, New York, New York, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

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