Joshua Lutz, ‘GFBD, Levey’, 2017, ClampArt

Series: Mind the Gap

Signature: Signed and numbered on label, verso

About Joshua Lutz

In his poetic, ambiguous color photographs, Joshua Lutz explores liminal sites and mental states, shooting at city borders and close to his own home to reveal the unsettling overlap between urban and rural, center and margins, sanity and illness. Working in series, he has crafted a semi-fictionalized photographic narrative of his mother’s mental illness, and has captured the mix of culture and nature at the outskirts of Amsterdam, New York, and New Jersey. His images are open-ended vignettes, which Lutz leaves unexplained. As he describes: “I think […] we need to think about photographs more in the way we do paintings and less in the traditional sense of a document. […] I like the ideas of possibilities and the more I talk about [my photographs] the less experiences people can have with looking at them.”

American, b. 1975

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