Josie Cockram, ‘Portent’, 2016, Joanna Bryant & Julian Page

Josie's silk works are site-specific and are made to commission. Empyrean and Portent are unique pieces in an ongoing and occasional series of works in fine habotai silk, with roll hem detail, that make the most of slight presence. Adhered with a light touch to walls and ceilings they skim these surfaces, stick and slide, touching on architectural detail and catching light. The nature of these works as sculptures that embrace the periphery means that they could be missed; they don’t demand attention but slip in and out of sight and focus. Resisting the dramatic, they hold no narrative, buthesitate between accident and intention. Rather it is their titles that draw on drama to catch the viewer’s attention. Empyrean gestures towards a formal response to the architecture and lighting that frame its situation. It is a deliberate, yet discomfited, square of sky. Portent also responds to the architecture and a viewer’s movement through the space; it skims over a walkway and then hangs there, unpeeled, overhead. These works play with inherent insecurity and their glossy surface. They are simple, perhaps.

Image rights: Joanna Bryant & Julian Page

Emerged, 2016

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