Joy Campbell, ‘It's a Bird...It's a Plane...No It's a Rocket’, 2016, ViVO Contemporary

The inspiration for It's a Bird... came about when I was asked to teach eighth grade students how to make a sculptural art piece out of a discarded book. I didn't have a specific design in mind, so I asked the students to start by finding the center of their books and to fold ten pages with a single fold. Then we folded pages on either side of the center folds with double folds. Next we went back to single folds. Finally I showed them how to make a fan shaped single fold to finish the design. At this point the students began to modify their individual books beyond what I had taught them. This was very gratifying for me because at the end of the class period, one boy said, "Mine looks like a jet plane." Another boy said, "Mine looks more like a rocket." Turning the book sideways, a girl commented that hers was a bird. A second girl thought hers resembled a butterfly. I told them that I would use their ideas for the title of mine. This sculptural book is enclosed in an acrylic box.

Signature: signed on back


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