Joy Charbonneau, ‘Tufted Wood Bench’, 2015, Caviar20

Joy Charbonneau is a well-known and vital contributor to the Canadian design community.

In addition to working as an architect at Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects (KPMB), she is also a noted artist and curator.

Collaborating with her husband, accomplished furniture designer Derek McLeod, the duo created the "Tufted Wood Bench" a playful and elegant sculptural piece of furniture.

The bench is the result of the duo mastering the capabilities of a CNC machine, creating a surface that emulates tufted upholstery with a hint of trompe d'oeil.

From afar the bench's tufted surface seems to be created out of leather than resembles wood...yet in fact the top of the bench is actually wood emulating tufted leather.

The seat is created from laminated timbre (oiled walnut) with each plank matched to the width of the tufts. The shallow convex 'pillows' would present a significant challenge to fabricate with typical woodworking techniques, thus the CNC is employed to sculpt the wood surface.

The result is a stunning piece of sculptural, yet functional, furniture. Like the best of Joy's work there is a harnessing of construction technology combined with an inherent cleverness (without gimmick). Like the best of Derek's work there is a perfect union of craftsmanship and unadorned yet elegant design.

The "Tufted Wood Bench" can be commissioned in larger formats.

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