JR, ‘28 Millimètres : Women Are Heroes, Collage à Bô City, School, Sierra Leone’, 2008, JR Studio

Women is a project with many images and few words. JR’s intention is simply to underline the pivotal role of women in society and to highlight their dignity by shooting them in their daily lives and posting them on the walls of their village and in the whole world.
When JR initiated the Women project and listened to women in Sierra Leone, he didn’t know what to do with all these words. This is too far from what we live; it is impossible to understand why a man raped his neighbour and killed her kids. Difficult to figure out how somebody, culprit or victim, can cope with that story. He had an overdose of scary stories of death, rape, torture.
JR did not try to understand the reasons or the protagonists of the conflicts. He just observed the women and understood that they wanted to share their pain as a way to heal their wounds.

About JR

A semi-anonymous street artist of international renown, JR plasters giant, monochrome photographs of faces in urban centers—on rooftops and walls, in church windows, and along the sides of buses. Calling the street his gallery and “using art to turn the world inside out,” JR delivers a message of social action, telling the stories of the marginalized or voiceless. “Portrait d’une Generation” (2004-06) featured images of young African immigrants hamming for the camera, plastered in the Paris suburbs in the aftermath of major rioting; for his project “Face 2 Face” (2005-07), JR pasted huge images of similarly jovial Jews and Palestinians along the border marking disputed areas between Israel and Palestine. JR describes his practice as a continuation of the “tagging” he did as a young graffiti artist: “I’m tagging faces of persons,” he says. “They are the ones responsible for their image. When the people react to the project, it becomes their project.”

French, b. 1983

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