Juan Logan, ‘Casta?’, The Southern
Juan Logan, ‘Casta?’, The Southern

The Casta? series explore ideas of purity, lineage and breed, and the value placed on these concepts in American traditions of defining identity. Created from shredded Confederate flags, this work considers the ever-changing demographic of America. Simulating varying skin tones, the piece reflects the difficulty that exists when talking about an uncontaminated race. People are not truly white or black or red or yellow. Considering the extended history of the mixing of people from all over Europe and Africa before they came to America, one has to ask, "What does that pure race of people really look like?"

Image rights: The Southern & Juan Logan

About Juan Logan

Mixed-media painter, sculptor, and installation artist Juan Logan draws from contemporary culture and the Civil Rights Movement to create pieces that reflect on racial and institutional power structures. The imagery in Logan’s material landscapes walks the line between abstraction and representation. His pieces are often tied to particular sites of commemoration, and Logan asks viewers to consider their social responsibility in the wake of tragedy and oppression.

American, b. 1946, Nashville, Tennessee, based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina