Juan Uslé, ‘Desencuentro II’, 2017, Moisés Pérez De Albéniz

About Juan Uslé

Juan Uslé’s idiosyncratic abstractions, constructed with translucent layers of handmade saturated colors, evoke the environs and energy of his Northern Spanish homeland and New York City. Dividing his time between Spain and New York, Uslé says he has always felt a sense of displacement, which is an important theme in his work. Uslé imbues his signature sense of dynamism into his paintings by exploiting the nature of opposites: between organic and geometric forms, randomness and order, and the simultaneous physicality of paint and its ability to disappear into sheer, ethereal surfaces and illusions of light.

Spanish, b. 1954, Santander, Spain, based in Cantabria, Spain and New York, NY