Judy Ledgerwood, ‘Untitled’, 1999, Renaissance Society

The Renaissance Society presented "Judy Ledgerwood: Cold Days" from January 10 through February 21, 1999. About the exhibition, Associate Curator and Director of Education Hamza Walker wrote:

"The installation of the exhibition is extremely important for its reiteration of this experience. Consisting of a lone wall, Cold Days is a flat viewing experience laid bare. There are no corridors through which to peer or wander. The only movement consists in an effort to better perceive the paintings. In changing one’s angle or distance of viewing, the body is responding to a gaze already severed from cognition. In this respect, Ledgerwood’s paintings demand a literal giving over of one’s self to the act of seeing, not as a means of knowing since there are no recognizable forms, but seeing strictly as an end in itself. Implied in a quest for the autonomy of artforms is also a quest for an autonomy of the senses. In short, Ledgerwood has constructed a chilly chapel to high modernism in which the viewer is literally a slave to the gaze."

The Renaissance Society

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