Juergen Teller, ‘Kate Moss (From the Kate Moss Portfolio published by Danziger Gallery)’, 2000, Danziger Gallery

This photograph is part of the Kate Moss Portfolio. View the whole portfolio by clicking here.

Each box contains eleven pigment prints, signed by the photographer.
Signed on the colophon by Kate Moss
Box and design by Ruth Ansel
Printing by Adamson Editions

Series: Kate Moss Portfolio

About Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller is primarily known for his fashion photography, appearing in publications such as W magazine and Purple and in an iconic series of advertisements for designer Marc Jacobs. Teller’s photographs embrace the idiosyncrasies of his subjects and the spontaneity of the moment. The artist’s technique is characterized by a casual, continuous shooting style using two film cameras at once and a bright flash. In addition to his commissioned photographs, Teller has also created a series of candid portraits of both himself and his friends and family, as well as poetic photographs of subjects such as cracks in the sidewalk and freshly fallen snow.

German, b. 1964, Erlangen, Germany, based in London, United Kingdom