Jules Olitski, ‘Samaria Sin-Kir. -2’, 1978, Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art

Signature: Signed, dated and titled on verso

Loretta Howard Gallery, DNA: Strands of Abstraction, June 20 – Aug 2, 2013

Private Collection, Los Angeles
M. Knoedler & Co., Inc.

About Jules Olitski

One of the original Color Field painters to emerge in the 1950s, Jules Olitski was deeply concerned with the physical properties of paint. In his early career, Olitski depicted abstract shapes with thick, heavily impastoed surfaces, but later took to layering thin films of spraypaint onto his canvases, creating a trademark atmospheric effect. Olitski was always drawn to bright color, experimenting with unusual color harmonies and chromatic shifts. He would eventually return to impasto, experimenting with acrylic paints, binders, and gels that were not previously available.

Russian-American, 1922-2007, Snovsk, Russia, based in New York, Islamorada, Florida, and Meredith, New Hampshire