Julia Colavita, ‘Slide 61/80 (Legs)’, 2013, BAM Art Auction 2014

Estimate $1,800. Brooklyn-based artist Julia Colavita primarily works with found imagery—whether x-rays, magnetic tape, or film—to create dreamlike montages that invoke our media-flooded environment. This print is part of Colavita’s series, “Nocturnal Emissions,” featured as part of BAM’s Next Wave 2013, for which she made hand-painted slides that incorporate film from ’70s educational reels and magazines.

This print is from series of 80 hand-painted 35 mm slides titled 'Nocturnal Emissions' which was projected as part of BAM Next Wave 2013.

First first of an open edition, this print comes with the original hand-painted slide. All slides in this series incorporate found film from 1970's public school educational reels and magazines.