Julia Dubovyk, ‘Untitled 16’, 2015,  Impact Art Gallery

"Who is to say whether black and white are to be considered colors? This is a long debated issue without resolve. Pose the question to a scientist and, based on his knowledge of physics, his reply would be that “BLACK is not color due to its absence of light, but WHITE is surely a color because it is the sum of all colors.” Pose the question to an artist and her reply will be that “BLACK is a color and WHITE is not a color.” I see beauty in all colors, and for me this includes BLACK and WHITE. Sometimes opposites attract and create a powerful energetic interplay; the push and pull between shadow and light; the light in the darkness, the darkness in the light. There is passion between these two and they compliment each other with their contrasting and opposing characteristics bringing an intensity to the work that I could have not achieved using the more traditional colors."

About Julia Dubovyk

Ukrainian, b. 1990, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine, based in New York, NY, United States