Julia Fernandez-Pol, ‘Lilly Pad Light’, 2008, Atrium Gallery

About Julia Fernandez-Pol

Julia Fernandez-Pol describes her work as “driven by interest in creating a world that originates from specific, dynamic forms found universally in nature.” Fernandez-Pol is fascinated with beauty unto decadence. She particularly studies natural occurring growths, patterns, and structures as the basis for her subjects. Her works feature abstracted macroscopic and microscopic landscapes, centered on themes of circularity, regeneration, accumulation, and decay. Fernandez-Pol works in hand-painted etching, monotype print, sculpture, gouache, and drawing, but is perhaps best known for her oil paintings with thick impasto, sometimes so heavily applied that it obscures the canvas’s edges.

Argentine-American, b. 1984, St. Louis, Missouri

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