Julia Rommel, ‘Untitled (Mexico City, March 2017)’, 2017, Universal Limited Art Editions

Publisher: ULAE

About Julia Rommel

Julia Rommel paints delicate monochrome paintings that often include subtle juxtapositions of color along their borders and edges. Rommel recently began removing the canvas from its stretcher and re-stretching it on a slightly larger format to reveal the imprinted edges of its earlier framing, drawing attention to the materiality of canvas and paint. In Big Soda (2012), the soft, lemon-yellow hue of Rommel’s canvas is set off by pale green edges at its top and bottom. She has also painted rough black forms on white backgrounds such as The Veteran (2011), which loosely resembles the form of a human head and C (2012), which depicts the letter C in black-on-white, rendered in one wide brushstroke.

American, b. 1980, Salisbury, Maryland