Julia Schmidt, ‘Untitled (marsh/ wild pigs)’, 2013, Casey Kaplan

About Julia Schmidt

The works of Julia Schmidt are concerned with the market values placed on luxury and art and the labor that goes into their production. Using a palette of subdued colors on fiberboard, Schmidt represents common objects as glimpses or part, however with attentiveness reminiscent of the Old Masters. As part of her investigation of process and the economy of art production, Schmidt re-paints over an image multiple times, causing its meaning to shift and evolve, while often leaving large areas of her canvases seemingly blank, painted flatly in light hues. She has said: “There's this incredible ease with which painting is absorbed by the market. I want to put disturbances, barriers, fissures in my paintings in order to counter this simple ability to consume."

German, b. 1976, Wolfen, Germany, based in Leipzig, Germany