Julian Bedel, ‘No. Chamber No. 1’, 2014, Chamber
Julian Bedel, ‘No. Chamber No. 1’, 2014, Chamber
Julian Bedel, ‘No. Chamber No. 1’, 2014, Chamber

Chamber's first perfume was created through an analogy to architecture, taking Louis Kahn's Kimbell Museum as inspiration. "Chamber No. 1" reproduces the smell of concrete, travertine marble, glass, grass and solar light as a unisex, sophisticated elixir. Kahn believed that silence, with its desire to be, could shape space. Perfume also possesses this power.

The perfume bottle is made from glazed porcelain in the form of a souvenir, an antique poison bottle, which Studio Job purchased on their visit to an ancient German pharmacy in 2009. Moreover, it was designed as an item that could be displayed in their 2011 monumental glass and marquetry pharmacy cabinet, Quack. Its stark whiteness contrasts perfectly against Quack's vivid imagery of human anatomy on dark veneer.

Image rights: Loek Blonk

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Based in Antwerp and the Netherlands, Studio Job, a design duo founded over a decade ago by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, produces one-off pieces of sculptural furniture that share little with the reigning aesthetic of minimalism and spareness. Their cast bronze works—tables whose surfaces are models of inverted cathedrals, lamps shaped like the Eiffel Tower—are laser cut for minute detailing and exquisite surface texture. Often described as “neo-gothic,” Studio Job’s pieces are fanciful without being kitschy.