Julian Hoeber, ‘Untitled’, 2017, Jessica Silverman Gallery

About Julian Hoeber

Julian Hoeber plays with a variety of artistic traditions in his multimedia and multi-dimensional artwork; he picks up on dialogues begun by Minimalism, Land Art, Op Art, and the Light and Space Movement with his sculptures, drawings, films, installations, and photography. Hoeber was influenced by his mother’s photography career, and became interested in the medium’s ability to portray conflict and disparity, which has become an ongoing exploration in his contemporary practice. Other themes in his work include the representation of violence and crime, contemporary relics, forgery, and the illusory nature of documentation. As the artist puts it: “I’m happy if I can bring a viewer into greater awareness of how his or her preconceptions impede understanding.” Hoeber’s later works have moved away from representation into architectonic and experiential mediums, and sometimes employ optical or sensory illusions.

American, b. 1974, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Los Angeles, California