Julian Opie, ‘Elena and Cressie get ready for the party 1-6’, 2011, Phillips

All sheets: 30 3/4 x 24 1/2 in. (78.1 x 62.2 cm)

All signed in black ink and numbered 11/30 on a label affixed to the reverse (there were also 7 artist's proofs), published by Alan Cristea Gallery, London.

Alan Cristea Gallery 164-169

About Julian Opie

Julian Opie's distinctive reductive style draws from diverse influences including billboards, classical portraiture and sculpture, dance, Japanese woodblocks, and cartoons. His work comprises silhouettes, animations, LED animations, and simplified portraits and landscapes (such as Landscape? from 1998-99, a screen print of trees, grass, and sky in a flat pictorial rendering that recalls a child's puzzle). Employing a variety of media and technologies to make "paintings" of his subjects, Opie distills everyday images and experiences into concise but evocative signs and pictograms.

British, b. 1958, London, United Kingdom, based in London, UK