Julian Schnabel, ‘Otono Floral’, 1995, IFAC Arts

"Sexual Spring-like Winter" is a large painterly work, created with layers of pink and resin by the art and film world's favorite enfant terrible, Julian Schnabel. The artist and director recounted that he was inspired to create the "Sexual Spring-like Winter" series after trekking home in the snow to be greeted by his wife at the time, who was wearing a beautiful bright pink blouse.

Series: Sexual Spring-like Winter Series

Signature: signed in pencil and stamped on verso

Private collection, New York

About Julian Schnabel

Filmmaker and Neo-expressionist artist Julian Schnabel’s large-scale paintings are materially and thematically monumental, drawing on a wealth of influences from Cubism to the practice of Cy Twombly and themes such as sexuality, obsession, suffering, redemption, death, and belief. Crowded with paint drips, dynamic brushstrokes, and found materials including broken plates, textiles, tarpaulins, and velvet, many of Schnabel’s paintings combine painting and collage techniques. Of his many portraits, perhaps the best known is the oil on velvet Portrait of Andy Warhol (1982), in which the almost translucent subject shares the canvas with a Pollock-esque splatter of paint.

American, b. 1951, Brooklyn, New York, based in New York, New York