Julie Boserup, ‘Turn’, 2016, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

Source Image: 161 William Street and Ann Street, N.W. corner. Business building.
Date: 7/20/1951
From the Wurts Bros. Collection at the Museum of the City of New York

Signature: on the back

This collection of new work was commissioned by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, and is the first-ever artist commission by the gallery. This exhibition was also made possible with the support and assistance of the Museum of the City of New York, whose famed Wurts Brothers Collection served as the initial structure for Boserup’s unique series of large-scale collages.

Emerging Danish artist Julie Boserup’s unorthodox use of the photographic image has made her an exciting new addition to the contemporary photographic scene. Making use of various image sources such as travel guides and her own photographs, Boserup, b. 1976, operates on a low-tech threshold between collage and drawing, and digital and analog techniques. Her first major museum exhibition at the National Museum of Photography in Copenhagen is currently on view through February 2017. In this exhibition, she presents a large series of collages based on archival photographs from Denmark’s Royal Library.

Since graduating from London’s Chelsea College of Art in 2002, Julie Boserup has exhibited extensively throughout Denmark, received the Else and Henning Jensens Painting Award in 2011 and 2013, and was presented a special Talent development award from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2005. She currently lives and works in Copenhagen.
2016 Misleading Perspectives, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NYC
We built a house, National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015 Permanent public commission, Rødovre Gymnasium, Denmark
2014 Permanent public commission, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
2013 Young Danish Photography 2013, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Prospect Point, Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 100 dänishe Grafiken, Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner, Bad Steben, Germany
2007 Filmische WarheitenHeidelberger Kunstverein, Germany
2006 Møstings Hus, Frederiksburg, Denmark

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