Julie Oppermann, ‘untitled / ohne Titel (ypf03)’, 2012, Mark Moore Fine Art

About Julie Oppermann

Julie Opperman creates patterns of contrasting colors and repetitive lines that challenge the viewer’s visual perception. The paintings reference optical flicker, shutter afterimages, glitches, visual noise, and vertiginous movement. “They are hard to look at,” she says. They “create sensations of movement, flashes and flickers of light, illusions of depth and space, uncomfortable tensions.” Meticulously worked in acrylics and spray paint, her compositions resemble patterns that appear on computer screens, such as pixilation or the visual effects of data loss and file corruption. But rather than being filtered through a screen, the distortion manifests in the viewer’s field of vision, disrupting their ability to perceive the painting as a unified whole.

American, b. 1982, San Francisco, California, based in Berlin, Germany