Julie Umerle, ‘Naples Orange’, 2013, ARTE GLOBALE

Julie Umerle paints in series that are often open-ended, exploring repetition and difference within each group. Her practice is an investigation of materials and the perception of the image, combining an experimental approach to materials with precision and thought.

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2018 'Beyond the Surface', The Crypt, Marylebone, London
2017 'Contemporary Masters from Britain', Yantai Art Museum, China (touring)
2017 'Creekside Open' selected by Alison Wilding, APT Gallery, London
2017 'Contemporary Masters from the East of England', The Cut, Suffolk

2016 'SCOPE Art Show', Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida
2016 'Contemporary British Painting', Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight
2016 'Rewind', Art Bermondsey Project Space, London

2010 'Cosmos or Chaos', studio1.1, London*

Julie Umerle. Exhibition at Art Bermondsey Project Space, London
"Her practice suggests continuing creative developments of which interrupted moments are crystallised and thus depicted on canvas. Through a great work of abridgement, Umerle expresses clarity in degrees of precision and harmony."
David Franchi
Excerpt from 'London Art Reviews' article. 9 April 2017.
Julie Umerle: An Experiment in Mark-Making
"These paintings are an experiment, both in mark-making and materials, and typical of the way in which Umerle works: progressing from one piece to the next, continuing an idea, cycling through open-ended series, pushing boundaries and exploring elements that fascinate her along the way."
Anna McNay
From exhibition catalogue 'Rewind' at Art Bermondsey Project Space, London, 2016
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More exploring art, Julie Umerle at Art Bermondsey Project Space
"Pieces alive with thought, with precise energy, precise yet free, one appearing to lead to the next, a flowing on-going series, exploring, minimal and at the same time anything but, pieces alive in their boldness in the stark white of the very white uncluttered almost naked rawness of the gallery. There's a serene sense to the drips, nothing feels random, the process is intriguing. This is a rewarding show, a strong show, intriguing pieces, thoughtful, graceful, powerful, bold, beautiful, a celebration of paint and the art of the mark and the artist's energy, her need to explore, to engage, to take it all on. The result is a beautifully minimal show, uncluttered works, refreshingly honest, slightly flawed in the most human of ways, an ongoing process a painter must go through again and again (and again)."
Sean Worrall
Excerpt from 'Organ Magazine' article. 9 September 2016.

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British, Connecticut, USA, based in London, UK