Julien Bismuth, ‘Smoke Screen’, 2013, Simone Subal

About Julien Bismuth

Working at the interface of art and literature, Julien Bismuth explores how we (mis)interpret and derive meaning from images and words. Many of his works—including collages of found images, prints and works on paper, installations, sculptures, videos, and performances—are based upon texts he borrows, manipulates, or writes himself. In The Catalog Project (begun 2010), for example, he spliced together hundreds of writings about art, from press releases to blogs, to create two absurdly long audio pieces in which these writings are read aloud, and a book, which he describes as full of “hybrid abstractions of [the] original source material.” Bismuth has also presented a series of minimalist sculptures formed of assembled wooden fragments. Through them, he highlights the individual parts that compose a whole, and the way in which these parts can be altered and re-arranged to create new meanings.

French , b. 1973, Paris, France, based in New York, NY, United States

Group Shows

Brooklyn, NY, USA,
In back of the real, Curated by Necmi Sönmez

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